Presentation is very important for and artwork, it has to feel right in the space, and like it belongs there. For my FMP, it is going to be in a smaller area than I first depicted, however, it docent matter as I have changed where I am going to put certain part of the artwork in order for it to be the best is possibly can. I am working with three walls, people can look in and arround what I have made, this is better than simply being on one wall, people can interact more and see what I see better.

Above is my space, I have planned to put my drawings other side of the central wall, with a few photos on the walls as well, my assemblage will be in the middle of the central wall hanging 5.6ft from the ground, I read that art gallery usually range between, 5.4ft – 6.3ft, so as I am 5.6ft it is my hight hanging and the product should be eye level with me, to add a more personal touch to the wall. But, before hanging I am going to have to paint the walls, fill in the hole, where previous things have hung. In the space there isn’t a light directly above, so it is fairly shadowy, however this works well as there is more shadow, black on the white wall, adding to the contrasted theory behind the artwork.

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The final presentation consists of my main works, and the broken clocks and mutated animals suspended from wood which goes at the top of my area, and the red string is around the wood, the picture below shows the final piece, before I tied up. And then there is the final piece, all done and as I final conclusion, I feel that it turned out how I wanted, and the colour scheme works really well together. As for the writing on the back of the photographer, this show that they were really printed in the darkroom, as the actually recordings of the exposure time and the aperture are recorded, this adds authenticity to the images and makes viewers see the journey that I took when taking the photos.

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So… my FMP, the assemblage originally I said that I was going to create something that shows the struggles between industrialization and nature, which I then developed the theory off contrast, linking to black and white, which then goes back to society. So now the project is more about the black and white vision that society has on everything, nature and the industrial world in particular. I think, instead of limiting myself, within a common concept of nature and industrialization, into something that is more specific. I am still in keeping with my original idea, having a contrast, however, I’m, again, going into more depth, by showing my reaction as well, shown through the colour red, signalling anger towards the black and white vision.

Lets start with the main aspect of the picture, the black and white board, which is two bits of cardboard, glued together using a glue gun, then a whole was made at the center, adding to the anger part. Then I drew the lines to cut the shape into four sections, not easy when the shape is not meant to be split evenly in this way. I then moved onto the objects, these where all painted in acrylic paint first, after this failed, I solved the problem by buying some spray paint, this covered the object, which meant I could stick them to the board. Spray paint was added to the cardboard, I covered the black side first then did the white side. After a few days of drying, getting rid of the smell I could stick the objects to the board, using hot glue again.

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Below are all the items that I have used on the big board, firstly, ‘The Plastics’ I put those in the black section, as I have separated black and white into two type of objects, white being more natural things and black being industrial or technological items. showing difference, but, all the same was my main aim when choosing black and white. What I found most interesting is that the objects look more interesting when they are one colour.

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The photos, all of original Polaroid size, taken on a film camera and developed in the darkroom. I took pictures using a black and white film camera, taking images of nature, as I feel that it is looked at as inferior, when infant it is very important the world in which we live. I had to then develop my film, which was recorded on a previous blog, after this I took the film into the darkroom, before developing the final images I experimented, finding what I wanted to do in the final pictures, creating abstract shapes and negatives or nature, this shows how nature is manipulated and used for a picture. These have then been tied with red string, engaging in the anger feeling and hung.

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My drawings will be featured as posters on the walls, as will some of the photos, this is to imply a protest of sought, stuck on the wall with masking tape. The drawings were made by, drawing on paper, firstly I would start with an idea, my own influenced by Dada and Surrealism, then I would do a rough sketch. On another day I would go back, change things that didn’t work, then go over, creating tone, shape and shadow within the drawing. After this is done, I would go back again, this time with permanent markers and fine liners, I chose to work with theses because they make the sketch look bolder, the idea is better and fits in with the black and white colour scheme of my final piece. Some of the drawings consist of collage or quotes. The quotes say what i feel about the work, most are said by  surrealists or Dadaists as their ideas heavily influenced my work.

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Finally, the hanging objects, they are broken and assembled objects, these show a broken society, how everything we think is being seen and influenced by the black and white vision, making it broken or away from what it really is. I have made these by first getting a clock, breaking it or purposely unscrewing it then I have spray painted it black or white, used hot glue to stick parts of it in different places. I have used both black and white in the hanging objects as I feel that, time for example, is a natural thing, how ever a clock is man mad, therefore both colours can interpret a clock.

Third Party Images

Theses are pictures that I used on the website that were not of my own, unfortunately, I have not been able to find the links to all of my pictures because some of the searches I did were unable to match or find the picture that I used, however most of the pictures that I used were my own, therefore, I didn’t have to reference those in a bibliography.

I found the prose’s of using a Bibliography annoying, however, I can see why this is need for an examiner, I used the website, to find all the links, this made Harvard referencing easier. I had never used Harvard referencing previously to this project, but, it is good so I could go back to my research and good for keeping track of when I found images and what I had done throughout this prose’s.

Third party images


After finishing the project I have looked back at what I have done, finding areas of improvement, where I could have done more to either improve my grade or to just make myself feel better about the project and that I had achieved all that I could to find the best possible outcome.

To improve I think I should have put spray paint down n the experiment page of my sketch book because this is the media that I used, however, I didn’t record it after using acrylic paint. The reason I went for spray paint is because after using acrylic and finding that it didn’t cover all the ares of my objects and that it took hours to paint the objects! I bought high gloss spray paint as it would be quicker, I then painted all the objects again, as they had a base coat it made it easier, I was a little annoyed that I didn’t record it on the media page, however, I think I wrote about it somewhere else, so, it doesn’t look totally, “out of the blue”.

Another improvement would be to finish a surrealist painting that I was going to include in my drawings, but, I felt that is didn’t have as much meaning. but, it could have if I improved it and added more surrealist features to it.

Since I thought about improving the surrealist painting I have added too it, it is now one of my favorite experiments, I have added a grey landscape, keeping the theme of my project in ind, as before it was simply just a random landscape inspired by surrealist paintings and artworks. I have also added a collarged section, showing different city’s and landscapes, the aim was to show the relation to how we see city’s and landscapes the same and that nether is more important than the other, I have also put the painting with my other drawings on the blog post titled, “Drawings”.

In conclusion I have enjoyed the project as it is all self lead, and it is my first chance to make something that I think it necessary and I have looked at people who I am personally inspired by, therefore, I would like to do a project similar to this, I feel more confident in my own ability and feel that I have more knowledge in Visual Communication. But, I think the time frame was challenging, if I had more time then I think I could have done more experiments, resulting in more possibilities within the project. And the other element I found challenging was keeping a biography, I don’t think it was totally necessary, not for every website used, I know why I was asked to do one.However, I think that it should have only been used for if you copy and paste information, rather than featured images.


For this project I have done some drawings, three of which are surrealist experiments and the others are part of the final piece, to show my point of view and what I have done as a theme for the project. The experiments are mostly inspired by surrealism, as I felt after researching them that I should do some of my own, therefore not limiting what I could have included in the final artwork.

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This fist image is an abstracted evolution skull, inspire by Picasso’s style of portraits, I have used pencil shading. The reason for this experiment was to show something that is recognisable as, different, allowing people to see a different point of view or an other type of reality. The second image is something I was messing around with, after looking at surrealism I wanted to have something of my own, the head is simply a combination of shapes, made into one thing, in contrast to surrealism it isn’t a dream of mine, however, I tried to be imaginative, and not simply create a boring head shape. Lastly, the image is a watercolour painting, with a little collage, this has more meaning, showing more of the black and white concept that I wanted in this project.

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Above are the images that I am going to have displayed in the artwork that I am producing. The first has images attached to it because I am showing my reaction, outrage, at a black and white society, the skulls vision is meant to show how eyes are branding the world, the quote I feel add to the explanation. secondary, this displays death, upon an hours, with humanity behind them, this shows how humanity is the hell that follows death, which I have pointed at nature, meaning humanity is destroying nature. And finally, the last image shows again how society is fixed on making everything have meaning, the TV shows this, then there is black and white nature, which will also displayed in my imagery, the quotes I found were from surrealism, so I can link the movement with my message.

Sketch Book

This page is meant to look quite stressful, because it was meant to represent all the work I had to do, however, this is also a practical page, working to help me complete work, I have also put my bibliography into this page because I just think that it fits with in this page, it is a page of notes and reminders, websites just fit in this. Overall the plan I made myself at the start was hard to stick to, I didn’t, instead I have had to add other things and make alternative lists to keep things in order. To conclude, as an organised person I did struggle with fitting everything in on time, but, I think I manage overall well because I would regularly go back and look at what I have done and what to do next.

The reason for making a collage of pre-existing assemblages was  because I like to look at others work. To influence myself with work, gaining knowledge in how to create an assemblage. I have chosen to present them as small images, to fit more on a page and so, when I look at the page as a whole my eyes move fast over the pictures. From doing this college lead to me doing artist research, especially the assemblage artists, whose work is prominent in the college. I found this activity particularly helpful as I could then narrow down, I have done collages in every project so far and will continue to do so. But to improve I could have done a better title because also of the one I have used has rubbed out.

Again, as a form of ideas generation, I have used this idea which, I have used in previous projects, mind mapping, I think it is the best way to quickly record ideas and be able to show people, how there are many possibilities, however, it shows ideas that could work or could not work. I like using mind maps as it allows other ideas to spiral off the initial idea. Unlike in the previous project I haven’t made a really extravagant mind map, it has been done quickly, showing rapid thought.

For every project now I have done a mood board, the reason being is because they are the best way of coming up with visual representations of ideas, or possible areas to explore. This mood board was meant to show an idea which I was thinking, even in the early stages of the project, something to do with society. But, after the mood board I still used some of the ideas, Polaroid pictures and reaching into Dada. So, in future I will continue to use this method as it is very helpful for mixing ideas together.

I simply thought it would be helpful to writ the definition of the pice of art I am creating, therefore to see if the idea I have fits into the bracket, which it does. I chose to do the title in this format because I think it show what an assemblage is, something which has been put together, like a box, the art has been constructed. unfortunately, some of the letters haven’t turned out so well. I think a definition was important, I referred back to this page to look at which sentence I can most relate the project to.

My final peace used black and white as the main focus, therefore to have a page that talks about black and white colour theory is highly necessary, I looked at yin and yang, the colours individually and how they are used in the world. From looking at the colours I gained an understanding of how to correlate my theory with the per connived conceptions of black and white to a person. I didn’t do a blog post about black and white because I felt that I wanted to put my own spin on the colours, to have supportive drawings, which I can’t get from a standard blog post. One thing that I could have included more of is the historic use of the colours, have they always been around, or is there a specific reason.

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Above is the pages where I have recorded my ideas, all of my sketches of the ideas and how I am going to present my final artwork. The first sketches, upon hearing the brief are on the first page, I thought they were important to include as were the very first ideas. Under theory’s the initial idea that I drew after looking at assemblage artists, inspired by only using one colour, then I did a sketch which with the same idea, within the centre would be a collage explaining the idea. Next, the idea, no collage, but, black and white photographs to explain the idea. The final sketch, end of the evolution is the one I have made. It combines the install idea, with photographs and related sketches.

film photography is what I ended up using, I always planned to, as I feel that it is pointless to take photos digitally then make them black and white, and I thought it would add to the human branding idea if I developed the photographs myself. So, as a reference and possible areas to pursue I looked at film photographers, to broaden my knowledge on film photography, how it has changed over time and what was fashionable to shoot at the times. In all I thought by doing simple research I have gained many more names and people that I can refer back to.

Dada, a movement which I have been very much inspired by, I think that the message behind it is very captivating, and from reading manifestos and books about the movement I think that what it stood for can still relate to today, even though it was about the outrage of a world war, I think that the art produced is so relatable today, from images of corruption to the control one person has over society are things for me to look back on. The page above is meant to be my exploration of the movement, using books and imagery, The writings are photocopies of a collection of manifestos, I have written down important information in red, Then there is the maps, where the movement formed, and giving background into the history if Dada. And have defiantly been inspired by the movement, and will continue to use it for inspiration.

It was very important to record the locations of the photos, I planned to take them as I was on holiday, where there were woods, meaning I could have a map of where I was, though some of the picture were spontaneous, so, not fully documented, however, I tried my best to record as much as I could. On the next page is my photograph planning, where I thought is was best to take photographs, I did this the day before, insuring that I could have an idea of what I was shooting. I will continue to do location pages as they are very important for show the idea progression.

The meaning behind this page was simply to show people that I documented the weather and the conditions that I took my photographs in, I wrote theses down in a note-book that I was using when the photos were taken. I thought is was important because, for example, if it was raining, there may be more colour on the floor, rather than if it were dry, leaving the floors colours as usual instead of emphasized. The layout of the page just shows ripping because I thought I the note-book pages are ripped so should the background be. From documenting the weather I have learnt that it is always good to write things down, however, I didn’t constantly record the numbers on the camera, which would have been really helpful to do.

I found using a film camera relatively simple, I have used one before, so, had experience into how to take photographs on the camera. I have include annotation on the page indicating further findings and how I used the camera. But, the page also shows progression and flows to the next page.

A Polaroid shape is what I am using in the final images because I think they have a good frame size and they add to the black and white colour scheme. The page in my sketch book helped me to find the perfect image size, I have looked at a range of sizes, the intax Polaroid size, an original Polaroid shape and a larger sized print. On this page I have also recorded the dimensions of the prints and made a template, which assisted me in the darkroom.

The only reason I have included the page above was to show the story of how I took the pictures, I have chosen to display them as a book as I wanted the page to appear simple. Also, the only other way to look at the images in the sketch book would to be to look at the film, so this way I could look back at the images clearly.

After going to the Tate Modern in London, this page in my sketch book was made to show the photographs I took and some maps of galleries that I visited, the purpose of having this page in my sketch book was to show the story of progression in the book and to make it look like a journey, rather than stuff in a book, in no order. I have also written a post on my blog, documenting my findings within the exhibition of 100 years of photography as well as another gallery that I visited. I presented the page in this way to show it as findings, meaning snapshots of where I am, the maps add to the overall experience of the gallery, instead of their practicality.

Simply used to record things I brought for the project and why I had used the items that I did, I chose to present this my page in this way, messy to reflect a construction type look for the page, next to the title is a collage of items that I have now painted and put on the final product. It included, clocks, cardboard and toy animals. All of which will be painted black and white to show the worlds branding.

This was necessary because at first I didn’t understand what I was trying to show in my artwork, so throughout the project I have been going back to this to record the best summary of my idea. I thought it best to record it in a sketch book as I cold refer back to it better than if written on the blog.

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These are my first photo experiments, I went in to the darkroom to see what I could make and way of showing my photos to an audience. The paper used in these images different to thee one in the final, it wasn’t my paper, however, I am glad that I used my own paper because I think this would be too obstructing, the shinny-ness wouldn’t allow the photos to be viewed. The experiments were very helpful, as I learnt many new things as well as how to make the photo edited without the use of Photoshop. In conclusion the experiments are something I am going to continue to do as they add to my knowledge and wont ruin the final thing.

Another experiment page, but, this time I tested out all the medias I could find, the reason being to find the best way to cover my cardboard, though I have only used black paint, I didn’t really have many white media, so, I have put myself at a disadvantage, however, I still think it is necessary to explore all the media I can, I looked at different types of paint and pens, in all I found acrylic effective as well as spray paint. I have explored the string technique and looked at black and white photography, in favour of digital.

I am intending on using the colour red in the final , to show anger, or rage, therefore I see it fitting to look at the colour in detail, understanding other meaning, so, not to clash any ideas together, resulting in the best possible meaning. From reaching the colour, and recording my own understandings of the colour I know that red is also the colour of a new world as well as, to show power within a place. I chose to only use the colour red on the page, so, to show how effective the colour is, immediately feeling alert and looking directly at the boldest of the words. I will continue to use colour research pages when needed as I have learnt many different connotations.

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Theses are pages of dark room experiments, it was important to do many experiments in the project as I needed to show that I had looked at other outcomes, not to limit myself creatively. As I had already done some experiments I found it harder to up with other ideas, however, I learnt new thing, such as how to make a negative, to tilt the frame and to reflect water onto the photo, all of which worked out well as I am going to use some of the techniques in the final images. In all the use of experimentation is very helpful, and enjoyable because I have learnt a lot of new developing methods and new ways of solving problems.

This is a page is dedicated to peer reviews and my reviews or understanding of other people’s ideas. on the fist page are tutors progression suggestions. I wanted to include these pages in my sketch book as I feel they help to tell the story of how I came about making the final thing, they also add to my own understanding of what others are doing.

College Art Exhibition

At college, the students who are about to finish college and go to University had displayed their work in a pop-up Gallery. I found their work to be really impressive, and a little intimidating. As my first FMP I didn’t know what to expect, what I found very inspiring was seeing the uniqueness of everyone’s work, each with separate concepts and theory’s. My classes work will also be displayed in this gallery, so, one thing I was questioning about my own work is that would it be big enough or effective in the selected size. So, I have adapted my idea, I was thinking about it before hand, however, I wasn’t sure how to make it, so, now I am going to go ahead with things being suspended and breaking off of the A2 canvas.

One of the works, which I was most inspired by was the red-lit room, ‘Colour and emotions’ in which used colour to show what of thinking, the room was filled with signs, with words relating to the anger of the red room. I found this to be the most inspiring is because of the use of red, which I am going to use in  my final piece, so, I can now see how effective red is. I took the photo above from inside one of the eye holes, I thought this was a good idea because it allows people to look into the mind of the person, and you become surrounded by the art work, not knowing everything, however, enough to interpret what is going on. The only thing I could critique is that the pictures where a little small, if they where bigger I think they would be slightly more effective. As part of my primary research it is very inspiring to see such a different approach to colour emotion.

I also really liked this one, which had an animation to go with it, I think it is a really cool idea, showing that you don’t need a big intimidating piece of art, instead to have a detailed, small piece is just as effective. And I thought it was quite funny and different from all the other works in the gallery.

In conclusion I found the exhibit to be really helpful because there was questions I had before that were answered by seeing other people’s work. Before I didn’t know where we were going to display are works, now I have an idea, on white walls and each set is different, meaning that each art can have a unique space. Also, that some were interactive, so it was a good way of engaging the viewer in the gallery, instead of just looking. Finally, the main thing I got out of the show was that each person has put a lot of effort in making the works as perfect as they can, therefore, I am going to try to push myself also to get the best result and like he works tat I produce.